The 5 As

We have developed a series of treatment algorithms for quick navigation through the 5As counseling method, detailing approximate length of time to complete each step. Select to view the appropriate treatment algorithm for your patient:

Assess your patient's readiness and willingness to quit.

Remember that quitting is hard and relapses are common. Praise attempts to reduce and eliminate tobacco use.

If the patient is willing to make a quit attempt:

  • Provide counseling within the practice (go to ASSIST to find out more) or
  • Refer to QuitlineNC at 1-800-QUIT-NOW (download fax referral form). If the patient is unwilling to make a quit attempt:
  • Use the Readiness Ruler - a simple tool used to evaluate a patient’s confidence and readiness to quit or
  • Enhance motivation to quit by using the 5 Rs

Success is increased when patients accept counseling and use tobacco treatment medications. Learn more about pharmacotherapy and the treatment of tobacco dependence.

Tools to help you ASSESS readiness and willingness to quit tobacco use: