Employers have a great opportunity to help their employees quit tobacco.

Employees who use tobacco cost you money in disease treatment, productivity, cleaning and maintenance.

According to The Guide for Community Preventive Services, having a smoke-free environment alone is likely to encourage your employees who smoke to quit.

The Affordable Care Act has requirements for smoking cessation insurance coverage that QuitlineNC can help you meet in a simple, low-cost way. This document shares important information on providing cessation services to your health plan members through a partnership with QuitlineNC.

Further, the Guide recommends cessation coverage that reduces the price of quit smoking assistance (counseling and cessation medications), because this also increases the chances that your employees will be able to quit smoking for good.

Learn more about the costs of tobacco use to your business and how to encourage your tobacco-addicted employees to quit.

Coverage for Tobacco-Use Cessation (PDF, 172 KB)
Saving Money and Improving Employee Health (PDF, 135 KB)
Employee Smoking Costs Employers (PDF, 139 KB)
Questions to Ask Insurance Plans  (PDF, 129 KB)
Calculating Return on Investment (PDF, 280 KB)

Having a strict no-smoking policy in your business (even including grounds and company vehicles) is another proven way to encourage your employees to quit tobacco.

The CDC's Save Lives, Save Money - Make Your Business Smoke-Free brochure provides information on exposure to secondhand smoke in the workplace and the benefits to employers once a smoke-free workplace has been implemented.